Here are some photos from the different stages of a collaborative piece I did with my friend Jill Brandwein! We purchased some large pieces of Stonehenge paper that were ON SALE at Artist & Craftsman Supply on Metropolitan ave in Williamsburg, BK. I had seen these large sheets a month before and really wanted to do something experimental with them… I thought Jill would be the perfect person to do something messy and free like this. We got Mexican food, popped open some beers, and brought any art supplies we thought would be good for making marks on the Stonehenge. We dived right in with no plan!

It was quite a “liberating” experience (not be cliche haha)… Sometimes it so hard to have free form in art making. At certain points of the process, we found ourselves holding back, trying to create symmetry and balance - but we tried to remind ourselves not to overthink the piece. 

Here’s what we used: charcoal, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, pencil, pen, sumi ink, silkscreen ink.. and more!